19 Stories: Everybody has one

In late April, I asked my Facebook friends to share their experiences of being single or in a couple during lock-down for an article I was writing. So many people replied, wanting to tell their story, that I realised there was a need for a platform for us all to share our experiences, one that mainstream media couldn’t necessarily fulfil.

I have had my own mental health struggles during this time adapting to lock-down and a new way of life, and one of the ways I deal with the stress and anxiety is throwing myself into writing, and this has been the perfect project to immerse myself in. 

So 19 Stories was born. I believe everybody has a story to share, and everybody’s story is worth hearing. Many of us are experiencing things we never dreamt we would, coping with loss and change we never thought we would have to, and seeing our lives and society with fresh eyes and perspective.

19 Stories is a digital archive made by everyone who wants their story recorded, who wants to make their experience heard; it is a home for our collective memories.

It is really growing, and I am excited about what it could be. People have shared stories of loss, love, joy, mundanity, loneliness, community, anger, endeavour, pain, the recent growth of the Black Lives Matter protests. People have submitted pieces of writing, journal entries, videos, artwork, photo essays, and also been interviewed over email and Zoom.

And, to be brutally honest with you, it has kept me sane.

So this is where you come in: 19 Stories needs you to tell your story about living through the Covid-19 pandemic.

It can be on whatever subject you want, as long as it is about you, your thoughts and your world. You can be anonymous, tell your story as yourself, or we can tell your story for you.

Whatever is it, big or small, it needs to be remembered. And let’s face it, we all have at least one.

You can submit your story, or idea here. Or just come over and take a look, because it’s a cracking good read.


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